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Marschelle B. Weeks, MBA, is a Licensed Financial Coach who helps clients get their financial house in order. She helps them create a household budget, identify their Financial Independence Number (FIN), ways to save and increase cash flow, and make sure their future income is protected.

Marschelle is not your average financial coach as she deals with the mindset first, laying a foundation for clients to maintain their financial success. Without the correct mindset, the financial tools, advice and progress will fade away, not having the proper foundation. On Marschelle's monthly podcast, "Money Things From Mars", she discusses the mindset behind a financially literate and independent lifestyle.

With over 10 years of conducting federal background investigations, Marschelle saw firsthand how debt affected the everyday working person. It would have been a conflict of interest for her to provide financial advice in the capacity she served but she made the decision to walk away from her career to work in her purpose and passion.

Since becoming an entrepreneur, Marschelle has been featured in Voyage ATL magazine and Shoutout Atlanta. She is one of 7 Senior Leader board members to the The SheEO District and Financial Consultant in The SheEO Academy where she teaches a financial literacy course. Marschelle also serves on the SheEO Media Team assisting in the branding, graphic creation and social media strategies. She is also responsible for producing and presenting the weekly SheEO News.

In her free time, Marschelle spends time with family, friends and is an avid supporter of her kids' activities.