Marschelle B. Weeks, MBA, is a Licensed Financial Coach who who has over 15 years in budgeting experience and over 5 years in insurance. She helps clients get their financial house in order. She helps them create a household budget, identify their Financial Independence Number (FIN), ways to save and increase cash flow, and make sure their future income is protected. She enjoys helping families to reduce their financial strain and achieve their goals and dreams.

Marschelle goes by 'Coach Money Mars' because she also teaches money mindset courses to help people understand the origination of their thoughts and feelings about money. This self-reflection gives clients a better understanding of their relationship with money and their current financial status. The client should be able to improve their spending and saving habits after now understanding the source. You can listen to Coach Money Mars on her monthly podcast, Money Things From Mars, where she discusses all things financial from a money mindset … because you should prosper! The Money Things from Mars podcast was recently picked up by iHeart Radio,

Marschelle has over 15 years of experience in federal background investigations and over 10 years experience in budgeting and reporting. She has a Bachelor of Science in Strategic Communication from Old Dominion University, a Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in International Business and graduate certificate in Project Management from Keller Graduate School of Management. She is married with 2 children, a son and a daughter.

Since becoming an entrepreneur, Marschelle has been featured in Voyage ATL magazine and Shoutout Atlanta. She is one of 6 Senior Leader board members to the The SheEO District and Financial Consultant in The SheEO Academy where she teaches a financial literacy course. She is also responsible for producing and delivering the weekly SheEO News on Tuesdays streaming on the SheEO Youtube channel and Facebook.

Marschelle is an avid supporter of her kids' activities. She coaches her son's soccer team and is an active 'dance mom' of a daughter who dances competitively. Sunday brunch after church with family and Friday lunch date with her husband are her favorite activities. Marschelle recently joined the Junior League of Atlanta and serves as a Senior Leader, Director of Social Media, in The SheEO District, an organization for the women in business.

The average American has $90, 460 in debt, according to a 2021 CNBC report.

As a general rule, it's best to keep three to six months' worth of living expenses in an emergency fund. - Motley Fool

Life insurance has one job: It replaces your income when you die. — Dave Ramsey